Automatic C-Form for Hotels

C-Form Automation

Say Goodbye to Manual C-Forms

Trust us, it's truly a matter of just one click.

Your guests upload photos of their Passport and Visa.

Qid's AI engine extracts details like
Passport Number, Visa Number, Name, Country, and Photos from the images

Go to the C-Form website
Open the qid C-Form Pro Chrome plugin.
Select the guest. Done!

Elevate C-Form Processing with qid's State-of-the-Art Chrome Extension

Simplify C-Form management like never before with qid’s revolutionary Chrome extension.

What is C-Form?

In India, a C-Form is a mandatory document required under the Foreigners’ Registration Act, 1946.

It serves as a record of the stay of foreign nationals within the country.

Hotels, guesthouses, and other accommodation providers are legally obligated to submit C-Forms to local authorities for every foreign guest’s stay.