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Two Base elements of Identity ecosystem



Consolidate all your IDs securely in one place with qid, making them easily accessible whenever you need them



Experience lightening-fast and trackable ID sharing with qid, ensuring seamless and efficient communication

Your true identity,
managed with ease.

With qid, managing your IDs has never been easier. You can store and access all your IDs in one place, share them securely with others, and even get them verified with just a few clicks. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying physical IDs or struggling with tedious verification processes, and hello to the convenience and simplicity of qid.

Share your identity with ease,
qid has got you covered!

Sharing IDs with qid is simple and convenient. Just add the ID to your qid profile and share it with anyone, anytime, anywhere. No need to carry physical IDs or worry about losing them.

qid for business

manage all your IDs with one QR

Collect IDs with QR

Easy to setup QR code stand

Customized Interface

Tailor qid’s interface to perfectly align with your brand, creating a seamless and personalized user experience.

Business Analytics

Unlock the power of data with qid – your ultimate tool for comprehensive business analytics.

Developer APIs

Supercharge your applications with qid’s robust developer APIs, enabling you to effortlessly leverage the full potential of our platform and create unique, personalized experiences for your users.

One-Click C-Form

Simplify C-Form filling with qid’s 1-Click solution, automating the process and saving you time while ensuring compliance.

Identified by qid

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